What would a useful local neighbourhood-based web portal look like?

Last night Rob Wipond asked at an Ideas Vic meeting, What would a useful local neighbourhood-based web portal look like?

A lot of discussion ensued, including note of Seattle’s Neighbourhoods on the ‘Net project. We decided whatever the solution is, it needs to be easy to access. As such, I’ve created Facebook groups for most neighbourhoods in Victoria. Feel free to join them, and start productive discussions on how to make your community more vibrant and sustainable:

(contact me if I’ve missed yours)

A few other URLs were mentioned in the discussion, that might be of interest:

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  1. Posted by Chris on March 22, 2012 at 5:01 pm

    http://www.chatterblock.com/ might be another site that sort of fits into this pattern


  2. “My Virtual Neighbor” has possibilities… http://www.myvirtualneighbor.com/

    I’ve been talking up some of my neighbours (South Jubilee Neighbourhood) to give it a tryout.. Maybe, soon. :)


  3. Realize you had to stop somewhere and the geographic boundaries of the City of Victoria are as legitimate a place as any, but in reality our “city” goes across many municipalities. I’d suggest, for instance, that Hillside/Oaklands aren’t particular distinct, that North Park and Fernwood and Harris Green could also be combined, but that at the same time there are others, both in Victoria and just outside, that make sense too – Quadra Village, Lakehill, Tillicum, University Heights, Cedar Hill to name a few. Also, who is this “Burnside George” fellow 😉


    • Posted by cqwww on July 6, 2012 at 5:41 pm

      I did decide to only do neighbourhoods in the City of Victoria, not Greater Victoria, or the CRD though, which does have a lot more neighbourhoods!
      Feel free to create any you feel are missing, and add them here!


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