When should we discuss the Malahat?

For about a decade, Vancouver has been considered the most livable city in the world. This year it was controversially brought from first to third, the example provided being traffic congestion on the Malahat, which is not even in Vancouver, but on Vancouver island. You can read an article in the Economist on the issue, note the clarification at the bottom of the article.

What is important, is the traffic on this stretch of highway has now garnered international attention, so at what point will we seriously start looking at resolving the congestion that is only getting worse as the years go by?

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  1. On Sunday traffic heading south was backed up for almost the entire length of the Malahat – 20km. I am very pleased to see medians being added – but not happy that its being done on the cheap – that lanes are being removed when its obvious the thing needs to be 4 laned yesterday.
    Other highways with much lower traffic volumes than the Malahat(Highway 97 in Okanagan and South of Prince George, TCH in Golden) are getting four-lane multi-million dollar upgrades and we get piece-meal, corner cutting upgrades.


  2. Posted by Chris Rudram on August 14, 2012 at 8:29 pm

    This year? That story is almost 18 months old. The debate happened in 2011, and nothing much changed. On one hand, a massive upgrade to a proper 4 lane highway would be needed. On the other hand, we’d be chopping away more of Goldstream and the Malahat woodland.

    I’d hate to see another mess like that was left with the Bear Mountain interchange. Another solution would be a span across the Saanich inlet. That could be magnificent, but also another massive rip into the countryside. Which should it be?

    Personally, a large upgrade of the passenger rail down the Malahat and from Langford to Victoria would relieve some pressure. But I’m biased towards train travel.


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